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What is myth about Ethiopia!

Every nation has myths, superstitions, legends and tales. The national history of most countries in the world however is different from myths and superstitions. The case of Ethiopia seems different. In history classes, from high school to university, the education system teaches mythology. History book were derived from myth . An Habash history Professor at Addis Ababa university teaches myths. No body seems to save the country from these myths. Let me share some of these Ethiopian myths, which are taken as reality in most Habesha Ethiopian minds.
1). Connection to the Legendary queen of Sheba
Queen Sheba is a mystic figure. The Hebrew biblical account indicates there had been a trade relationship between the legendry king Salomon and an unnamed queen from the land of SHEBA. It was not indicated in this account where this land of SHEBA is. The Hebrew biblical text contains songs which some people interpret as a romantic relationship between the two.
In Arab and the Holy Quran, the same queen is referred to as Balqis, and she worshiped sun god and later king Solomon converted her to Islam. (1) The country over which she ruled was however not clear.
Historians trace queen Sheba to the Nile valley civilization, i.e, the Nubian civilization, to which Greek writers referred as Ethiopian. Some historians argue that the ancient Egyptian name Hatshepsut translates as "Queen of Sheba".
Hatshepsut was a pharaoh of Egypt, born c. 1508 and died 1458 B.C., who revived active trade with neighbouring kingdoms and created a flourishing and prosperous economy for her eighteenth dynasty kingdom. She also is related to have had a grand palace on "a very large island" called Meroe, located someplace near the Nile river.(3)

In Holy Bible, Jesus Christ refers to her as the "queen of the South"(2) , and South of where Jesus was teaching is simply Egypt, not Yemen or current day Abyssinia for that matter.
There is this corrupt Abyssinian account of the legendary queen, in which this crafty Abyssinian Debtras claim queen Sheba as one of their own. I say their claim is corrupt because there are historical gaps between when the legendary queen ruled and the existence of this fake nation, which calls it self Ethiopia today. British scholar Edward Ullendorff, holds that it is a corruption of "Candace", the Ethiopian queen( "the Nubian") mentioned in the New Testament Acts; the other group connects the name with Macedonia, and relates this story to the later Ethiopian legends about Alexander the Great and the era of 330 B.C.E.
It is fake because the narrative of the Kibera Negest(an ancient compilation of Ethiopian legends) has no parallel in the Hebrew biblical history. If what Habesha people tell the world in kebera is true, there should be a similar account in the Hebrew bible. Kibera Negest, which is dated to only seven hundred years and relates a history of Makeda and her descendants asserts that King Solomon is said to have seduced the Queen of Sheba and sired her son, Menelik I, who would become the first Emperor of Ethiopia. What a disgrace to the Ethiopian nation and nationality than this hand made history!! A fabricated history , which has actually noting to be proud of!. Why has a queen of a sovereign country goes thousand miles to sire a child? Were there no men in her country? Even , worse, why is any Habesh proud of her!? After all she has cheap exchanged their throne to a foreigner for sexual thirst.
If someone in Britain, North America, or Canada tells you that something "is queen of SHEBA", it simply means that it is false.
2) Blood line link to the Juda Tribe

The last of the so called Solomon Dynasty in Ethiopia was a tiny man by the name Teferi Mekonin. His late father Ras Mekonin was a peasant who lived around Gara Muleta and later become a military man. This man has no connection with the Solomon dynasty. His parents were ordinary farmers around Gara Muleta. . Mekonin was named Gudisa by his parents, but renamed by the Anysinian upon assimilation. When he became an emperor, Teferi renamed himself Haile Silasie. Other Habesha kings have similar fake history. Here is the full title of this fake king. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God and Power of theTrinity. The entire title is fake. The Abyssinians Solomon dynasty link to King Solomon is based on the fake stroy of queen of Sheba discussed above.
3). 3000 years of civilization

The Earth is about 4.6 billion years old. How old our civilization is depends on what you consider "our civilization". Modern humans, Homo sapiens , appeared about 130,000 years ago. The area between the Tigris and Euphrates in what is now Iraq is often called the "Cradle of Civilization", but it is thought that more civilizations developed around the same time in the fertile crescent. According to archaeologists the world civilization is estimated to have began between 10,000 B.C. and 4,000 B.C, but there were agricultural settlements as early as 12,000B.C.
So , one must not be surprised by the Abyssinians claims of having 3,000 years of civilization. What we must reject however is that the Habesha who settled on the current day Ethiopia does not have a history of 3,000 years. This colonizing force came to the main land Ethiopia, just the other day. It was in 1888 that the colonizing forces of Menlik destroyed the free nations in the South and integrated them into their old Abysinian empire which existed few hundred years before that point in history. Civilization can not die over night. There is no archaeological trace that link Habesh to visible human civilizations.
Like many other myths developed by Depteras, the three thousand years of civilization slur is another myth in which Abyssinians prefer to live comfortable naked.
4). Habesha Calendar:

Habesha people has never invented any calendar. What they used, and what they are currently using as legitimately their own calendar is a Julian calendar. The Julian calendar is a reform of the Roman calendar, which was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, and came into force in 45 BC. It came to Ethiopia along with Coptic Orthodox church. When the rest of the world adopted the Gregorian calendar, the Habesha Monks remained with the old calendar. An Habesha man/ women brags and sometimes confidently confront you that Abyssinia is the only country in Africa to have her own calendar. Most of them are ignorant who are completely brainwashed by their ignorant Debtera writers even to figure out that the calendar they are using is not theirs. It was a foreign thing and they don’t realize this. How does one make glory out of using Julian Calendar when the whole world use Gregorian? That is how Abyssinians proud themselves and drive their ego of superiority over other African countries.

5) The Only Uncolonized Nation in Africa

This is true. There is another bigger truth though. Abyssinia is the only BLACK NATION THAT COLONIZED OTHER BLACK NATIONS BY THE HELP OF EUROPEAN COLONIZERS. Abyssinians are the only African nation who participated in the Berlin conference where great European nations agreed to scramble Africa. Emperor Menlik was represent on the conference as a Christian brother who must not be subjected to the Swords of the great European nations. They helped Menlik with weapons which he used to colonize free nations. With the weapons that he got from these European colonizers, Menilik massacred free Southern nations and reduced them to his subjects. He then became the largest trader in slave(free people from the new colony) from which he become the richest emperor of the time. Slavery was later Abolished when British enforced the law on most slave trade routes.
The proud Abyssinians who talks about being not colonized by European forces have kept it secret as much as possible to mention the free people they have colonized to this day. They have portrayed themselves as icon of freedom for the entire continent, when in reality they have destroyed free nations and subjected them to slavery. That is why they are fake empire , who portray herself as icon of freedom, but practiced slavery, and colonization.
Today this fake empire is crumbling. This icon of slavery and epitome of Blackmans colonizer in the entire world is falling. There are many liberation forces fighting these empires to free their people. Free people will never fall.
6) The only African Country to invent her own Alphabet

This is another big and naked lie invented by Abyssinian elites to make their tribe feel good. Habasha people use GEEZ script. They did not invent it. They borrowed it, but they failed to acknowledge from where they borrowed it. This is nothing less than professional plagiarism. The inventor of Geez Script are Ancient Yemeni people. GEEZ was developed from the Proto-Sinaitic script, also known as Proto-Canaanite, an alphabetic script of a number of Middle Bronze Age inscriptions in the Sinai, Middle Egypt, and Canaan. There is therefore no script that Abyssinian Deptera invented and be proud to contribute to the world civilization.
One must therefore help our Habesha brothers and sisters so that they break the century old myth and liberate themselves. One thing is certain about Habesha Ethiopians. They want to have glory which I think is missing in their past history. That is why they live in mythology. Humanity honours those who are proud of what they are. There is no need to create such myth to be accepted as civilized nation in the face of the world. The world judges you by what you have contributed to the progress of humanity. Towards that end, Abyssinians are poor performers. Their human right record is poor. Their structural development is poor. They have never invested in the future. The feudal Habesha lords ate and lived on the sweats of the Oromo and Southern nations peasantry. Under Menilik regime , Abyssinians were slave traders. It was only by the help of Britain that he was finally forced to abolish slave trade. Under King Selassie, the Abyssinian elites lived on the sweats of the colonized people and denied them equal opportunity. They prohibited all nations systematically from attending higher education. They imposed Amaric language on nations and nationalities and destroyed their cultural heritages. The Orthodox church being a national church, she participated in state sponsored destruction of the Oromo heritages. Naturally, an Habesha man/women is remarkably a racist. These have been documented by many writers, specifically Habesha writers themselves. What the Habesha Debteras wrote in the past to ridicule Oromo people and other nations and nationality is a living witness to how Habesh is a racist man/women. In addition, they refer to other Afrikaners as "Tikur", which is equivalent to black, Niger.
Liberating themselves from these myths and biases will help Abyssinians to be accommodated positively by others and help them be good player in the future of the crumbling empire.

2). Matthew 12:42. Daniel 11:5
3).Giovanni Boccaccio, Famous Women translated by Virginia Brown 2001, p. 90; Cambridge and London, Harvard University Press; ISBN 0-674-01130-9;


Gadaa said...

Exactly,the Habesh brag with false history. They tell they have 3000 yrs of civilization while harnessing in poverty the free nations they have colonized with the help of European colonizers for the last 120 years.Where is the outcome of the civilization they brag about. Ethiopia is the poorest empire.
They call other Africans as ''the slaves'', not as the blacks.But their mind is not far from color discrimination though.
The article is one of the best articles I have read!
Thanks to the writers!!!

Anonymous said...

mekerachihun ayachihu. We will fight till the end!!

EthiopiaLezelalemTinur said...

How about your myth, you idiots? Don't you fee ashamed when you say there was a country called Oromia. Is it a country on the move. A country that moved from madagascar to Ethiopia. Why don't you claim Africa as Oromia. You are really funny. God Bless Ethiopia and its people. Oromos are Ethiopian as the South African Whites are South Africans.

Anonymous said...

i've checked the cited references of what u've posted!But you know what I found nothing! How could cite such a silly references to disprove a legendary case like this one!!!! Anyways am so sad for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

to tell you z truth your so silly!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This article is great. It reconfirms how Abbysinians used years of marketing to create an image that does not exist. At the end of the day time shows all truth. That their leadership is full of racists that use any means to destroy other societies much like NAZI germany. To this day, these Abbysinians target and kill all non Ethiopians (Oromo, Somalia, Sidama, Gambella in and outside of the horn of Africa). All stories come to an end. We hope that the end will be more peaceful than the begining. Seeking Justice

Anonymous said...

Do you pigs also think that our own writing is also taken from foreigners? Its obvious that you cant even control yr jealousy on our country, ETHIOPIA. God bless Ethiopia. Ethiopia is full of history but pigs like you with no background, trying to ruined out culture and background. Shame on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Article! Actually i just finish reading a 400 pages book by Bonnie K. Holcomb and SiSai Ibess called, The Invention of Ethiopia. The book brilliantly exposes the fraudulent/myth of Ethiopian 3000 year history, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately some low eye-que backward are barking as usual when confronted with reality with nonsensical comments, well no surprise there, typical ignorant zombies Ethiopians behavior. Victory to the oppress people of Ethiopia, one day you shall all be free just like us Eritreans!!!!

Anonymous said...

See the link below,
thats all i am going to say

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia doesn't belong to no body. Ask the Greeks they called it AITHIOPIOS ask any body what it means the problem started when the sultan ezana accepted the roman religion called christodom. Then came the fake story solomon and sheba. How came you have Solomon when there is no such thing called Solomon in real history. Solomon only exist in Hebrew christian and Islam which we called the tree major western religions. this is all conspiracy implemented by the roman government the same thing like Jesus the Christ when we know the alleged so called Christ is a fictional story created by the Flavian dynasty of the Romans. So Jesus is really Cesar him self who conspired with Josephus to create Messiah to the Jews.Read The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus on amazon, Who is this king of glory,the thirteen crucified Christs,The Jesus puzzle, The historical Christ and the mythical Christ,we the black Jews,Africa the mother of western civilization,Stolen Legacy- Greek Philosophy is stolen Egyptian philosophy,Black man of the Nile,Egypt The Light Of the World and thousands of more Dummies. Search thee books and expose the Religion of Western and Arab,Jew Lies. want this books on pdf email Don't be sacred!

Anonymous said...

King Solomon and Queen Sheba is a Freud thought criminal history. Never existed. Why because Solomon never existed the same thing So called king David. Nono this biblical characters are real people but allegory,myth,fables and tales of fragments story stolen from ancient people culture period. This is all fabricated story by biblical writers specifically the Greeks and Jews. Even Mohammed never existed period. Israel is not the holy land Israel never existed expected 1945. Israel is the satanic state created by groups of Zionist bankers form Poland ,Germany,great Britain. The holy land is you soul no on earth and your soul belongs to waka or Igiziabher

Anonymous said...

At the above anon, I agree that there is a lot of fiction in the bible and I agree that there is allegory.

Just some advice though (in case you ever read this), in the Old Testament specifically everything after the Cyrus the Great is based on history. The events mentioned are likely exaggerated and even fictional but all forms of propaganda are. The nations, names, etc. mostly correspond with known history. It's just that the Jews are not specifically singled out like the bible makes it sound. Everybody was conquered, even Egypt. Not just the poor little Jews.

As for Solomon, yeah that stuff doesn't fit anywhere in history. Given how Solomon's empire, ship excursions, gold mines, etc. are described, if this is historical it is somebody else's history. Probably Egyptian history. Or it is allegorical. Or fake.

The thing about Ethiopia is that nobody knows what Ethiopia is. They associate it with the starving third world garbage pit in Africa. But Ethiopia, Cush, Cish, Kush, etc was some sort of vast empire that stretched all the way to China and took up all of India. And it wasn't a black empire either. There were blacks, sure. And darker skinned people.

Whites did not steal anything from blacks. How can you still "philosophy"? How can you steal an idea? If whites stole civilization, what stopped the blacks from continuing? I am not a racist but I hate delusional anti-white ignorant blacks.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether it is fake, myth, legnd.....whatever.....We, Ethiopians, came...saw..conquered and ruled. We made history...we wrote our own history. Get over it...

Anonymous said...

seriously I am sick and tired of those people who are writing this ridiculous articles. really you want to disprove history and the bible by siting non existing materials. can you be that shallow.

Anonymous said...

dude wth man. it is not that serious. there might be some inconsistencies in the history and myth, but the way you wrote the whole thing is biased with hate towards the people of Ethiopia. idk what happened to you or what wrong someone did to you man. sorry you are sad.

Anonymous said...

This is the most disrespectful and forsaken thing i have ever read. How dare you try to disfigure the image of my country and claim everything as false!? Yes there are exaggerations, yes there are some things we are not proud of but name one country that isn't the same. This is so fucking rude and embarrassing on your account. Not only do you not use proper grammar and misspell your words, but you are not educated as well. Your sources lead to nothing. Have you ever even read the bible? take this shit down. its just horrible.

Anonymous said...

Checked out you're sources leads to nothing, for a strong stand as this you should have a strong fact based source.

observer said...

I wilk not waste any energy dmexplaing the obvious to any one who has any historical and common sense but, I do hope you find something to be proud of whatever your background may be. Search day and night really hard and perhaps spend your energy to building your historical self-esteem becacuse, no matter how hard you try you can't earase the truth about the oldest established nation and it's people. It's okay we still have love for you we hope you will love your self and stop hating soon because, unfortunately or fortunately for you we are at the end of the day your ancestors as well as the rest of the world.
Good luck with the self esteem thing because you can't make it up like your so called blog facts.

Moonchild said...

Hey, you said you just finished reading a book by Bonnie K. Holcomb and SiSai Ibess (I'm guessing some foreign writers) and the person who wrote this article too used another foreign author as a reference. My question is what makes you beleive these authors or historians insted of Ethiopian historians who obviously has more knowledge about the subjuct than anyone else? And also have the resources and facts on the matter.The thing is most history books are influenced by the kings and queens of their time. This does not apply only to Ethiopia but most countries in the world. So it should not come as a surprise if it's a little biased. But what I'm sensing from this article is too much hatred toward Ethiopians. I believe Ethiopians and Eritreans are the same,just a political difference.