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Anti Oromo Canons of Orthodox church of Ethiopia

The recent article, written by one Abyssinian DEBTERA and posted on Abugida website, explain the true nature of DEBTERA scholars.  (


  Debtera scholars and their disciples have inherent hatred for people out side their ethnic circle. The church produced documents in Ethiopia  and articles written by these Debtera scholars  are witnesses of  this unpleasant nature of Depteras of all century, including those who live among us today. Aba Bahire, the author of many books, who lived in 16 century best exemplify the true nature of all Depteras. Aba Bahire never cared to hide his hatred of Oromo people from the world. Neither he cared whether his works  contradict the moral  values  and canon  of the church in which he was brought up. Modern Deptera writers, so called professors, who attended their doctoral studies at distinguished universities such as Oxford university , still apply the methodology of Debteras of 16 century. The modern education, the research methodology , and the scientific discipline they have been thought to apply for  generation and sharing of knowledge in this 21 century society is completely overtaken by their Deptera methodology which is anti science and reason. That is why the so called doctors  and professors such as Dr. Tsehai Berhane-Selassie ,  professor Techola Hagos, and Professor Getachew Haile are sliding back into 16 century and walk along the  16 century racist mind Aba Bahire. These modern voices of Depteras are not only anti civilization and progress, but also anti humanity. They have defied their age old education, they have defied the ethics of scientific society, they have defied the moral values that sustained human right and freedom. They are dark forces among the 21 century society.
 Lets not forget that Depteras were ideologue of those who savagely killed our people and destroyed our nation to build Empire Ethiopia. Like the Nazi script writers who masterminded the massacre of Jewish people, Debteras of Orthodox church of Ethiopia has played their role with perfection in eliminating millions of Oromos from the face of the planet. That is why Debteras of this century vehemently oppose to all forms of equality and democracy questions in Ethiopia,let alone willing to see an independent Oromia. A clear message has been passed to those who have ears and those who have eyes. Amahara Deptera,  educated or uneducated ,never want to see a free Oromo man and women!

Where do they inherit the racist mentality?
Anti Oromo canons and Racism
The  Ethiopian Tewahedo Church Canon contains 81 books. This canon contains the books accepted by other Orthodox Christians. Some of this canons contain elements that dehumanize the Oromos and other non Semitic people in Ethiopia. The Orthodox priests have always referred to Oromo people as Galla , using the same derogatory term as  the Abysinian colonial elites.  An Oromo man can not be a priest in the Ortodox church. In their popular Joke, the orthodox priests say " Le galla nefsi Abat, deacon mech anesew?!!" which is translated as " For a galla, one does not need a priest to be his heavenly Father, a sub deacon is enough."   In addition, the church has officially declared Afan Oromo as non church language and prohibited Oromo people from using their language in prayers and church services. The Oromo people were then forced to make prayer in the language that  they donot even  understand  a single word, the GEEZ.
 In the so called Meshafa Mistir( Book of the mystery), the Abyssinian priests categorize the Oromo along with animals and they even further wrote, having sex with Galla is an act of bestiality, and who ever make sex with a gala would never inherit heaven.  The Modern Depteras , who are graduate from Oxford university share the same value towards Oromo people in this modern era of humanity. What they have wrote and posted on Abugida website is a living history for future generation of Oromo and man kind to appreciate the extent to which this people are racist.
  The Orthodox church through out history has been supporter of the Abyssinian racist policies which alienated Oromos from economic, political and social spheres. The church deliberately , through deeds and in writing,  promoted  terribly inhuman Abyssinian racism, their practices and policies of religious and cultural discrimination. The Ethiopian Orthodox church has also promoted and sustained the Abyssinian socio-economic tyranny carried out against the Oromos, the Ogadenis, the Afars, the Sidamas, the Agaws, the Kaffas, the Shekachos, the Kambatas, the Hadiyas, the Wolayitas, the Anuak and others.
During conquest of the Oromo land, the Patriarch of the Orthodox church and their priests have given not only their blessings, but also their golden crosses to the Abyysinian invading armies. The church has played crucial role in the subjugation of Oromo people and South naitonas and nationalities by Abyssinian minorities.
 The orthodox church of Ethiopia has been hiding these atrocities she committed against Oromos and other conquered nations. They have so far failed to apologize to this horrible dark history.
 Ethiopian Orthodox church is/was a primary beneficiary from the enslaved Oromo land. One third of all Oromo land was given to the Ethiopian Orthodox church along  with  dehumanized  Oromos on the land.
The Orthoox church, over centuries have proven its loyalty to the Abyssinian elites, literate Debteras. The church has always taken side with invading Abysinian forces  of Oromo land such as Tewodros, Yohenes, Menelik, and Hailasilasie. In the era of EPRDF, the newly elected Tigrean related patriarch openly supports the TPLF regime.

In addition to creating the DEPTERA scholars and their disciples, the Ethiopian orthodox church has been waging continues war against the Oromo conscience. She has been continuously building institutions that ultimately destroy the Oromo identity.  To appreciate this reality, it enough to see where they have built their churches. Every where an Orthodox church stands today in Oromia, an Oromo institution of Caffee was demolished.   Qulubii Gabriel( Hararghe), Tsion Mariam( Addis Alem), Yekka Michael (Eekkaa - Shaggar),  Arada Giorgis (Birbirsa - Shaggar) .... all stands on the ruin of Galma Abba Gada of Oromos.

This is  a church that produced DEBTERA generations like Dr. Tsehai Berhane-Selassie ,  professor Techola Hagos, and Professor Getachew Haile  and today support their destructive , anti Oromo articles on various websites across the Internet world.
    One thing we Oromos must know however is that like the Catholic clergies who did terrible things to humanity  in the name of the so called inquisition and hersey trail, the age of Debeteras in this planet is limited. This is not their time. They are done. This is their last cry. They will not have any chance to twist the minds of QUBEE generation to be their subordinates. Reason shall win, not dogmas!!!!!!!

Garbi the Dymistifier!!!!


Oda said...

Dear blogger, thank you very much for your article.
Amharas and Tigres never show any behavioral changes and get civilized.The only way they can survive is by dehumanizing and breaking the morals of a Nation they fear. Deep in their heart they know that Oromos are far better than them.
Who listens to what the old illiterate debteras and modern debteras write; their story is as rubbish as they are.
Let them learn the true history of Oromo/Oromia from International authors:
International historians write about Oromos as the most civilized Nation in Africa and that Oromos have also shared their civilization not only with North East Africans but to all the Negroes. One can see Oromos(Hamitics) being mentioned as sub Caucasians and superior. This is the truth that the Amhara and Tigre debteras never want seem to understand.
Oromia now has tens of thousands of its scholars to write its true history and tell the world; who cares about the rubbish stories told by rubbish Debteras. No Oromo or the wold listens to them any longer.
The truth is that they themselves are naturally back warded and inferior that people of that empire suffered miserably at their hands for a century, and that the empire remained tail of the whole world.
These debteras are naturally evil and Satan's messengers,Oromos should beware of them.

Finally, I am very much grateful to the writer of this article.

SHAGGAR said...

Anonymous said...

"stone is stone forever
camel is camel forever &
oromo is oromo forever
no change at all"...Book of Aba Bahire

...this is enough, I do not want to waste my time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I Amhara. I can totally understand that there is narrow minded Amharas (Specially the Debteras) and the Oromos. My Advice is
1. Those Debteras, Things will never be the same. The young Generation Amharas, Oromos, Gurages... will live together peacefully. u u irreversible.
2. Those Oromos, All Amaras are not Debteras. I will repeat it, 95% of Amaras are not anymore Debteras. Think of solidarity. The past has passed. I share the crime that has been done. but don't amplify today those devil acts. Lets leave in harmony.

Anonymous said...


Don't diseeminate falsehood to defend your political views. Here are some questions for you:

Why don't you focus on the knowledge of Ethiopians about each other? At least for the current generation, the key challenge is 'how do we improve the knowledge of one Ethiopian about the other?'

I know of a woman (heavily OLF influenced) who was surprised to find vegetables in Gojjam in the 90's. Her 'knowledge' was "the Amhara are completely dependent on the Oromo for their food".

The title of your artiicle made me hiope that you will provide evidence that disproves what the other people (the Depteras) said. Unfortunately, you have not done that. I suspect that the authors have suggested that "Oromiya" is an invention by forces that don't have Ethiopia's national interest at heart and that Qube is just one tool of realizing their design. I believe it is easier to argue in support of this assumption than otherwise.

1) There was no unified entity called Oromiya before 1991
2) The decision to use the Latin alphabet was more of an act of 'revenge' (we will show those Neftegnas what we can do) than a policy based on scientific evidence.

Anonymous said...

Pls don't ever try to change history. The Oromos have migrated from Madagasker. They is no lie to it. And do you expect the Amharas to leave their place for the migrant. The Ethiopian people are mixed now and no body is showing any superiority over any other ethnic group. By the way superiority complex was the reality, not only in Ethiopia, but anywhere in the world. But it is not happening any longer. Things have changed and you have to change with time. Even south africans have execused the whites, let alone our brothers to execuse the amharas they are married to. However, you are doing this b/c you are thinking that you'll get power if oromia gets free. That is a stupid mentality. Ethiopia is a blessed country and God is always protecting her not only from you but from the powerful colonizers. Anyway, the Oromos are our brothes. It doesn't matter what you little minded people say.

Anonymous said...

what a shamefull article it is.
ethiopia have been fighting colonizers for the past many years but now they dont need to send troops, they can use peoples who are ethiopians but lost their identity like those here.
they are using you as a tool first they erode your mentality then filled you with what they want and now you are refering to them.

Anonymous said...

shame on the writer of the article!!!
Really sad for those guys who are narrow minded and silly!!!!!

kick-ass said...

You have made my day dear writer. That is brilliant and well-though article I have read in a while. I don't think Amharas and Tigreans have reached the true level of enlightenment yet to see what you and I can see and comprehend. They are just dumb minded creatures who do not deserve any more respect than animals. They are nothing more than the wounds or scares on our back just like a curse. They are demons that needs to be exorcised out of Oromo (Ethiopia) land. Let the wrath that brought these amhara and tigre frogs and flies come to an end just like what happened in Egypt.

Oromo is the true manifestation of humanity, intelligence, and blessing. Man, they just forgot how Oromos are so friendly and accommodating people on this planet. They forgot while ago when Amharas, Tigreans, and Gurageas lack true humanity in them, Oromos in turn led them by example by means of gudifecha, which what the modern teaching calls it as "adoption" ; and brought these stupid and dark hearted people to light. But today everything we have done for them centuries back has been forgotten. They are bitting the hands of Oromo people that welcomed, cleaned, dressed, friended, and feed them. Who would do such kind of betrayal and atrocity among humans unless they are children of the devil himself.

I used to think that the force of darkness leaves in the outer dimension beyond our reach. But after my careful speculation, I have come to terms with myself and can clearly state that Amhara and other Abyssinian people are the living incarnations of the dark force. As a result, Oromo people should always get equipped with mental and spiritual weapons to fight back and free themselves from these cursed souls. I used to believe that devil was invisible, but know I am enlightened that Abyssinian people are manifestation of the devil himself. The hate speeches, the constant bullies, the jokes, the stupid books, and everything they let out of their tormented minds and tortured souls reflects the truth I already revealed. Demons never learn to love Oromos and other true humans. If they do, that is just only for the sake of deceit to put us (Oromos) into their trap. This is my jam. I love doing this for the love of being Oromo.

Anonymous said...

I am really amazed how u guys are misinterpreting facts! Don't you know there was no state called Oromiya before 1990's?

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of hate speech, anger, hatred and lack of misinformation that is expressed in the comments above. This is what i want my Amhara and Abesha fiends to know- Just because I love who I am and I am proud to be an Oromo, you don't have to feel threatened by that. If we all stand for Justice and fight for the truth we can all stand together and unite. Before you talk of Unity and your love of Ethiopia, ask your self how much you know about Ethiopia. Ask your self if your definition of Ethiopia is too narrow. Try to separate the myth from fact.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

have you tried the Eastern Orthodox Church whose
greek patriarchate for Africa is in Alexandria? they
are duophysite, not nestorian, the two natures of Christ are permanently united, but not in a way
that makes the human nature nonexistent almost or
an illusion like monophysitism or miaphysitism
sometimes seems to do

Anonymous said...

oromo is first!oromo > anti oromo progress er

Anonymous said...

some people talk about myth...history ...blah blah blah...just because you don't like the history of Ethiopia, you can't all of a sudden wake up from your nightmare and call it a myth. all countries have histories that are true and false. ironically the history of Ethiopia that these people call myth are only the ones they don't like. hahaha. they are just trying to show their loath against the people they think the country's leaders came from-mainly amhara. their part of story is partial, inspired by unsound politics, and clannish perspective. grow up, folks!

Anonymous said...

I am an Ethiopian but not an Oromo man. However, I believe the article's story for the most part. While I will not hold the current generation of Amhara people responsible for what happened in the past, I do believe that all the ruling monarchies of the past advanced the values of the Amhara culture and Orthodox Christianity to the exclusions of all other Ethnic groups and non-orthodox people. There is no doubt about this. Why do some of you deny that? Getting the record straight does not mean generating hatred toward the present Amhara ethnic population. What happened in fact did happen. In fact, for non-Amhara and non-Tigray Ethiopians, there is nothing to be proud of in most of the Ethiopian history. For example, Emperor Menelik forcefully annexed an independent Kingdom of Jimma Abba Jiffar and the Emirate of Harar. Emperor Yohannes committed mass executions against Tigrai and Wollo Muslims. These and these types of horrible atrocities of the emperors are well documented by authentic sources including the library of congress. Why would any Muslim Ethiopian or an Oromo man should be proud of these horrible crimes of the past? Yet, some of you always attempt to cover up what happened in that past. I have no feelings of retributions or hatred. As a matter fact, most of friends are from Amhara ethnic group. In order to move forward as nation, mistakes of the past must be acknowledged and proper corrective actions should be in place so they won't happen again.

natanim alex said...

i am oromo, their is a truth.......... but you cudnt find the word 'galla' in the 81books ok. it's written by some ppls who wants to darken our orthodox religion, but they are not the true orthodox. the term is used by arabs to say pagan, for those who were outside their religion. 'gal' is an arabic term, go and see. unhidden truth is the religion(orthodox) became a national religion starting from 6th century AC, which makes the country the 2nd next to ARMENIA in announcing it a national religion. this continous upto the reign of HS1. that's why our people cant see the religion and amhara ppl in different way. but the former of the religion is jesus christ, and came to ethiopia a year after his ressurection(34AC) not by the 9saints during queen sheba. am proud to be an oromo orthodox!!!!

Unknown said...

Just because you don't feel comfortable about what they write or the facts they uncover, it doesn't logically follow that there is any professional or intellectual or moral defect in their academic, literary and research work. I read the article you linked and I find no racism in it, unless you want them to write lies in order to satisfy your notion of what it means to not be "racists". Ironically, your writing is a lot more similar to a product of someone consistent with your notion of Debtera. By the way, do you have a Bachelor's degree at least?

kbelay said...

This article deliberately orchestrate to instigate hate between the good people of Amara and Oromo. The orthodox church anywhere on it's holy books you found no mention of Oromo or Amara or any tribe except the teaching of Jesus. The Amara people has been as much victim as any tribe in Ethiopia throughout the monarchy and derg and that systematic destriction still continue. Let me highlight few important points
1. No other tribes, except Eritrea, bombed on air and ground during haileselase. Several thousands died on the war held between Ethiopia government and Gojjam people during haileselase.
2. Not a single school on the Oromia region or others rallied against haileselase than the amara people demanding land ownership to the peasants. Mind you the Amara people had no problem on land issue throughout history because land was inherited, not sold. Students of Sehen high school in Wallo, Polytechnic in Gojjam, Gondar all demand land to return to the peasants. But as I remember, not a single school done such rally on the oromia region.
3. The Amara people, if anyone of you had the chance to see their economic status and their life that in the 20th century standard of living conditions, you wouldn't open your mouth to associate them to royalty. My perception is that because Haileselase had 1/4 Amara, but mainly known his strong family tree was from other tribe (don't want to say here) systematically instigated harm to the Amara people.
4. Amara people don't easily rise against kings pronounced by the orthodox church and the monarchy knew that vulnerability of the Amara people. If both Haile Selase and even Minilik were truly a proud Amara could have all focus their authority focused progress on the Amara region, where as the fact showed the opposite.
5. Ethiopians are cowards in circumstances of situation lean to take advantage and playing victim. Still you are crying Wolfe knowing the woyane openly declare to eradicate Amara. Let me leave you one note that emphasize, not those crying Wolfe but truly victim that a historian said We can not give justice to the victims of history, but we can shake the living from their moral lethargy to change things in the present that are the consequences of the past.
Morality and its value is not because one declared it but the fact that historical findings supported it and circumstances cannot hide the scars. It's not about who should be rewarded as a result of hateful political scheme but it's because deserved the recognition based on factual findings and create the foundation to never again occur. Many of you painted rosy pictures to promote your political agenda is nothing more than fulfill your own ego. I know many of you finished school and you are not using it as such because learning is about ethics and serving society for the good benefits of it, not to use your fact finding and articulate your intention to support how you can benefit from it. If you honestly looked the facts, 99% of the Amara and Oromo, or even others never had the chance to leave their birth place. We supposed to be that bridge. Unfortunately, we are building that bridge to sunk our people on ill intended dream. How many of you become rich as a result of such infectious propaganda? Where is the ethics you have learned so much in serving society ? where is the morality to be an example for change and bring unity and coexistence than instigate atrocity among our people ? My friend I will leave you one advice - NO WHERE IN THE ORTHODOX HOLY BIBLE THERE IS A MENTION OF ANY TRIBES OF ETHIOPIA. Because it's not about Ethiopians but it's about the work of Jesus Christ from his birth til crucified. The other thing is that unless you are scholar of the orthodox teaching, your interpretation of the bible is ill-conceived. That is why school of theology necessary to uncover the secrets of bible and the same goes with Orthodox teaching.

TOLA said...

I coudnt find sources to validate this article. It against the reality and looks like afiction. Let me start by 81 books of ETOC, it totally false. There is no single word in the books related to to oppressing Oromos. The one which is related with Oromos and other ethnic groups was on raye mariam amharic transilation of 1961/2 only, which was not in use today. Not on arabic, tigirigna,Oromic and other languages and 2nd, There are many Oromos priests, abunas( Abuna Petros), and others. Afaan Oromoo is one of church languge in Ethiopia today. The EOTC has no mission to marginalize and oppress Oromos and any human kind unless teaching TRUE WORD OF GOD.
But, I can say that many induviduals are against Oromo's values and cultures from any ethnic groups even from Oromo.

Anonymous said...

Habesha ven has no capability to fake this. The banda Habesha did it by authorship of Nechachiba whom the dabtara sell its anus to be fucked